This chart paints an ugly picture.

Corporate profits are at an all time high, personal income and salary for the 99% is at an all time low.

Why the disconnect? 
The top 1% which include the CEO’s directors, and upper level managers are siphoning more of the salary pie than they used to receive as compensation. 
What’s left after the executives take the lions share is a tiny fraction. The small crumbs that are left are split amongst offshore workers that make pennies a day, and the American laborers that are forced to work for salaries that are barely above minimum wage.

Before the Ronald Reagan revolution- that was the beginning of the destruction of the middle class, executives in the 1% took 10% of the salary pie, now they take 40% of all wages. The middle class in the 99% now has 30% less of that salary pie to divided between themselves. Its even worse when you consider anther 20% of that income pie goes to workers in India and China.