Anyone that lives in New York City know that the mta is going to jack rates up by at least 30% in the next three years.
The mta needs serious funding for new operations and maintenance over the next few years.

Since the federal government, and the New York state government decided to cut back on funding for the MTA, the MTA had no choice but to raise rates 17% last year. Add that 17% hike with another 30% increase over the next two to three years and that is some serious pain for minimum wage workers.

Instead of taxing millionaires tax one single penny, the Gov is going to tax the poor and the middle class a pound.

These massive MTA hikes are nothing more than painful regressive taxes on the working poor and the middle class.

Cuomo got a lot of good will with his support via the gay marriage issue, but that doesn’t forgive his plans on taxing the poor instead of the rich!

I said it before, and i will say it again: millionaires aren’t going to leave their Manhattan penthouses and Brooklyn townhouses to move to the suburbs.

New York state and city have become more regressive due to Cuomo and Bloomberg. The Middle class in New York pay the highest state and local taxes as a percentage of their income in the entire nation!

The rich in NY were getting a good deal even with the millionaires tax in place, now they are getting a free ride- courtesy of Cuomo and Bloomberg.

Cuomo needs to be shamed for this disgusting move.