More importantly, a human being can make a profit and also support social programs that help the less fortunate.

This blog will chart my investing activity, and explore the dysfunctional government that is killing the poor and middle class.

Let’s get one thing straight. A liberal progressive doesn’t have to support Obama. He has been a disappointment to most Dems because he hasn’t gone far enough to the left.

As the nation has moved further to the right, the centrists have moved to the right as well, mainstream democrats resemble republicans of the last decade.

This needs to be said: I personally agree with more socialist viewpoints, but the Republican party can be a good party with a few great ideas. All things being equal i would prefer capitalism over socialism. Better to give someone a job with a fair wage in a company that produces a profit, rather than give them a hand out. My gripe is with an extreme conservative ideology that espouses profits over everything including basic human dignity that social nets provide.

In part i blame Fox news (all newscorp papers) and most blogger market conservatives for extreme right wing viewpoints being talked about in the mainstream as a solution for middle class Americans. In reality, extreme right wing viewpoints are espoused as a political ideology, in reality they are just an excuse for greed, avarice and a lack of compassion for their fellow human-beings. Most right wing zealots seem to have zero sympathy for the downtrodden- all they seem able to do is spew mindless dribble (talking points) about entitlements, taxes and social program’s.