Close to 40,000 customers have left godaddy in the last two days because of their support of that disgusting bill named SOPA.

Officially, close to 100,000 sites have moved, the whisper number however is over one million.

Godaddy was staunch and unapologetic in their support of SOPA, up until a few weeks ago that is, today they seem very contrite.

They are actually reaching out to customers that have moved their business elsewhere or those that might. While they have reversed their public position on SOPA- many internet users remain skeptical on their true motives.

Wikipedia is in opposition to SOPA, they threatened to move off of godaddy on this issue. Throughout it all, Godaddy remained belligerent on its support of SOPA. Almost 40,000 paying customers decided they were right and that godaddy was on the wrong side of the aisle- Godaddy has since reconsidered their position.

I’m proud to say i moved my sites off of godaddy, and i convinced many of my friends to do the same.

Do you know what makes this story just a little bit sweeter? Bob Parsons Ex CEO and founder of godaddy is a vile Grinch- he is a proud member of the extreme right wing.

Collectively, we all make a positive difference, and we do it by shouting the truth from the rooftops. Expressing our opinions on what’s on the right side of morality, and what’s wrong with with the other side, that’s one of the best gifts we can give to humanity.

Happy Holidays!

Must watch video on SOPA.